Integrating Back in Stock with your Theme

Integrating Back in Stock with your Theme:

Back in Stock comes with a large number of premade theme integrations; these generate an in-line button on your product page instead of the 'Floating' button at the side/bottom of the page; 

This guide will explain how to enable the integration for your theme.

Log in to your Back in Stock dashboard and select 'Settings (1)' from the main menu, then select 'Theme Integration (2)' from the Settings menu.

Then click on the button labelled Publish integration

Check one of the out-of-stock product pages on your store.  The Back in Stock 'email when available' button will appear in the product page. (Generally below the 'Sold out' button!)

If you would prefer to setup a custom button in your theme using your own Developer, we have more information on this here: Using a custom product page button

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