The different types of buttons we support

We provide support only for buttons produced by the app or custom buttons created by us. Here, we will explain all the buttons we support, and how these buttons are identified.


The Back in Stock app hosts the script that produces the "Notify Me When Available" button on product pages. This method allows our support team and developers to customize our button shown on your store, without having access to your liquid/store's files. 

The app adds only a back-in-stock-theme-helper.liquid file to your theme's files, in order to communicate the inventory and variant information over to the app.

Given that our support team and developers don't have access to your liquid files; we don't have authority to fix or make any changes to a custom button's code embedded in your liquid/store's files.

The buttons that we currently support are:

  • Floating button
  • Custom / Inline button (Added using Javascript / Shopify Script Tags)
  • App block button
  • On-page form

Floating button

This is the default button added by your app. The "Floating button" can be inserted in the corners of your screen, and is controlled under the Campaigns > Product page button menu:

Custom / Inline button (Added using Javascript / Shopify Script Tags)

This is the button added by us upon request. We will add a script to your app that will generate a button on your product page. We would usually add this button below your page's Sold Out button, and have it customized to your preference:

App block button

The "App block button" is added via Shopify's theme 'Customize' view. The Back in Stock button can be added on a sold out product page by clicking the Add block option, and selecting "Back in Stock button" under the 'Apps' section:

You are able to customize this button by clicking the "Back in Stock button" after it's been added:

The customizations that can be done for this button are limited within this menu. If our intervention is required for this button's display, we could remove that button from our end and add our custom button, which would reflect your desired customizations.

On-page form

The On-page form is supported on a selection of themes. The themes that supports this form are: Mobilia, Retina, Responsive and Parallax. You can read more about the On-page form here.

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