Cross Sell Integration

With the Cross-sell integration, you can include Cross-sells on your Back in Stock notification emails. This will help cross-promote other products while notifying the customer of the restock.

Visit the App Integrations page to get started.


On the App integrations page will be an option for 'Cross Sell & Cart Upsell' Integration. Once the integration has been added, it will ask to connect with your Cross-sell account, like shown in the screenshot below.

API key

After connecting, Back in Stock will need a unique API that key is generated in Cross-Sell.

You can use the 'Click here' option to be taken directly to the Cross-Sell API page;

Include the API key in the API token box for Back in Stock. (Note the key shown in the screenshots is an example and you will need to generate your own unique key!)

Email Template

On the Back in Stock email template page, there will now be an option to Turn the Cross-sells option on and off; and change some basic settings.

In the Template- this will include a new snippet to show the Cross-sells at the bottom, but you can configure the positioning of it in the template.


Now when an email notification is sent; your cross-sells will be included in the bottom of the notification email.

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