Online Store 2.0 Theme Support

Back in Stock now supports Online Store 2.0 themes. OS2 themes allow users to customize visual elements and extensions in the new Shopify Theme Editor. You can change the color, font size, margins and many other attributes of the Back in Stock button directly in the theme editor without leaving the Shopify Admin. A page preview will update immediately after changes are made.


When Back in Stock is installed in a store, it detects if the theme is OS2 compatible and automatically sets the corresponding theme integration. You can check the current theme integration under the 'Customize(1)' -> 'Theme integration(2)' menu selection on the left hand side.

If you already had Back in Stock installed and updated your store to a OS2 compatible theme, you must manually select the Online Store 2.0 (3), otherwise changes in Back in Stock app won't affect the BIS button (read the section below for more details why this happens).

Once selected you can press 'Install Online Store 2.0 Integration'; it is now ready to go! If you visit an out of stock product within the Theme editor for your theme, it should now show the back in stock app block on the left hand side to be added.

How it works

The OS2 integration will keep the Back in Stock settings synchronized with the button in the theme. Every time a change is detected in Back in Stock app, a specific metafield that is used by the BIS button to fetch the last widget version is updated. 

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