Product data theme snippet

Where to find the snippet

Back in Stock installs a snippet to allow the storefront widget to access product data.

  • A snippet back-in-stock-helper.liquid is added to theme Snippets
  • An include is added to the bottom of the theme.liquid layout to include this snippet.

Note: Accounts installed before mid-December 2016 may not have this snippet created by default.

How to remove it

If you have uninstalled Back in Stock and would like to remove the theme snippet follow these steps:

  1. From you Shopify admin, click ‘Edit HTML/CSS’ for your theme.
  2. In theme.liquid scroll to the bottom and look for a line like this:

{% include ‘back-in-stock-helper %}

Remove that line.

  1. Under Snippets, look for a file called back-in-stock-helper.liquid. Remove the snippet.
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