Web Push Notifications

Back in Stock push/web notifications.

Push notifications allow your customers to be instantly notified on their devices, while you get to increase the people you reach.

Web push notifications are turned on by default; you can configure the On/Off state in the Account -> Notifications channels area of the dashboard.

When active, the web push notifications can be configured from the Campaigns -> Send notification/reminder step here; each template can be configured differently.

The template will allow you to fully configure the look and styling of the push notifications.

All the primary settings can be configured, title, main description text, button labels and URL directs.

The same variables and filters can be used in the body of the message as the email template; https://help.backinstock.org/article/2306-email-template-variables-and-filters

Add your store logo;

You can upload a logo to be included in the web push template.

To upload a logo tap Logo, Choose file... in the template settings panel and choose a PNG or JPG image to upload as your logo.

Once editing is complete - you can see a preview of the web-push; 

Or 'Send test push message' to get a more accurate view of what the customer will see.

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