Campaigns in Back in Stock

Back in Stock Campaigns

Create unique sequenced messages and increase your back in stock conversion ratio; to get started visit the Back in Stock dashboard, on the main bar there is a new button available for 'Campaigns';

What is a campaign?

A campaign allows you to create unique sequenced messages and increase your conversion ratio with back in stock. You can send up to three reminder notifications in a given campaign and control the flow of notifications by setting delays in between them. Reminder notifications will be sent only to customers who haven't purchased the product and if it's still in stock. Reminders will be sent for eligible notifications sent in the past 30 days.

Setting up your campaign

You can set up to 3 reminders to send out after the initial email/web push send. Each reminder - and the initial send have a separate template and reminder delay that can be configured.

Once a reminder 'Delivery' is switched on, you can also configure the wait period before it is sent;

The 'Wait' delay can be set between day(s) and hour(s).

As the template for each email can be configured; we would suggest being creative in the subject especially after the initial send to grab the customers attention.

Not every reminder has to be active; if the 1st reminder was disabled for example. It would send the first notification; wait for the delay before the 1st reminder - then wait for the delay before the 2nd reminder, then send the 2nd reminder.  The 1st would be skipped.

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