Main Dashboard

Welcome to the Back in Stock dashboard:

The dashboard will give an overview of your created and sent notifications, the most wanted products and any recent activity.

Below is the timeline section of the dashboard. This shows on a timeline any created, sent or new notifications. Your dashboard should look like the below example if you have created the test notification.

A – This is a date range filter, if you only want data from a specific range, you can click this to configure it – Custom ranges along with several presets are available.

B – If you mouse over any date on the timeline it will give more info on the created, sent and any converted value for that day.

'Most Wanted':

Back in Stock gives a quick overview of the most requested products, this can be configured by Last 90 Days or All Time data.

This will show the specific product/variant with the most requested notifications, this helps to gauge what customers are looking to buy and can help you with deciding on inventory orders.

'Recent Activity':

The recent activity will show any newly created notifications and when they were created, in order of last created. 

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