Shopify Customer Accounts integration

The Shopify Customer Account integration helps you grown your customer mailing list. Customers who opt-in to be added to your mailing list will be created as a customer in your store Customer Accounts list with 'accepts marketing' set to true. From there you can export customer email addresses or push customers to a mailing list provider that works with Shopify customer accounts.

Setting up Shopify Customer Accounts integration

  1. To get stated choose Customize from the app menu, then the Shopify Customers integration.
  2. Back in Stock needs permission to create and update customer records so the next step will ask you to approve updated app permissions.
    Click Setup now to continue.

  1. Click the enabled switch to On to and hit Save to activate your integration.

Customers who check the 'Add me to the store mailing list' checkbox will be added as a Customer Account in your store (without a login). The customer accounts will be tagged back-in-stock-request to identify the cusotmer has been through the Back in Stock sign up form.

Sync to an external mailing list through Shopify Customers

Our Shopify Customers integration also provides a simple workaround to connect to mailing list providers we don’t yet integrate with directly.

Most mailing list providers will sync with a Shopify store customers list. That means when a customer is added to the Shopify store (viewable under Customers in the Shopify admin) the mailing list provider will pull that email address across and add it the mailing list.

Our Shopify Customers integration adds customers to the Shopify store when a Back in Stock request is created. This means we can build a simple workflow to push email addresses to an external mailing list provider: Back in Stock handles pushing the email address to the Shopify store customers list, while the mailing list providers handled pulling that email address into the mailing list.

As long as you’re mailing list provider picks up email addresses from new customers added to your Shopify store Customers list they should also be synced to your mailing list provider.

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