MailChimp email marketing integration

With the MailChimp email marketing integration you can connect your Back in Stock account to your MailChimp store mailing list. Customers can opt-in to your mailing list at the same time as creating a Back in Stock notification. It is simple to setup and you can select which mailing list new customers are added to.

Once you setup the MailChimp integration a mailing list ‘opt-in’ checkbox will be added to your Back in Stock signup form. Customers who create a Back in Stock notification with the opt-in box checked will be added to your MailChimp list.

Note: This integration is available to Back in Stock accounts on a paid plan or free trial period.

Setting up the MailChimp integration

From the Back in Stock dashboard, go to App Integrations(1)

From the list of App integration cards, choose Connect(1) on the MailChimp card

You will then be redirected to Mailchimp, to login and authorize Back in Stock;

And done, MailChimp is now connected with your Back in Stock account.

You can go back to the Back in Stock dashboard to customize the integration;

If the Integration is enabled or disabled (1)

The default checkbox state(2) - Note; unchecked opt-int checkboxes are EU GDPR compliant

The signup form label(3)

The destination list in MailChimp(4)

Once done just hit Save MailChimp settings.

More information on each of the settings;

  • Enable

    You can toggle the enabled setting to off to disable MailChimp. When set to off subscribers will no longer be sent to your mailing list.

  • Default to accept

    Leave this on to have the mailing list ‘opt-in’ field in your sign up form selected by default.

  • Form label

    Edit this text to set the label for the mailing list ‘opt-in’ checkbox in your sign up form.

  • Destination list

    Choose which MailChimp list Back in Stock will add subscribers to.

  • Remove MailChimp integration

    To disconnect your Back in Stock account from MailChimp and delete your settings click Remove MailChimp integration. Your subscribers in MailChimp will not be affected.

Reporting on Back in Stock subscribers in MailChimp

Back in Stock will identify subscribers added to your mailing list by setting a custom field Back in Stock(1). You can then use this field to analyze and segment your subscriber list.


Customer notifications aren’t being added to the MailChimp list.Copy link

MailChimp will automatically ignore attempts to add some email addresses, including:
  • email addresses that are obviously test, example or system addresses. For example, [email protected] or [email protected] would be ignored (but [email protected] would be fine)
  • an email address that has previously been a subscriber but unsubscribed
  • an email address where the customer did not have the mailing list opt-in checkbox checked.
Check you’re using a real email address to test with which is not a current or past subscriber.
If you have multiple fields set to ‘required’ iny our list the subscriber will be rejected. Make sure your list only has email as a required field.

I’m using a theme integration for Retina, Mobilia, Responsive, Turbo, or Parallax. I’ve enabled MailChimp integration but the checkbox doesn’t appear.

After you have enabled your MailChimp integration simply install the theme integration again. The theme snippet will be updated to include the opt-in checkbox.

Common questions

Do I need to connect to MailChimp to use Back in Stock?

No, the MailChimp integration is entirely optional. The MailChimp integration is only used to add customers to a MailChimp list. Customer notifications are still sent by Back in Stock.

I’m using a custom integration built with the Back in Stock JavaScript API. How can I support mailing list opt-in?Copy link

Yes, please refer to the accepts_marketing property in the JavaScript API documentation.
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