Klaviyo email marketing integration

With the Klaviyo email marketing integration you can connect your Back in Stock account to your Klaviyo store mailing list. Customers can opt-in to your mailing list at the same time as creating a Back in Stock notification. It is simple to setup and you can select which mailing list new customers are added to.

Once you setup the Klaviyo integration a mailing list ‘opt-in’ checkbox will be added to your Back in Stock signup form. Customers who create a Back in Stock notification with the opt-in box checked will be added to your Klaviyo list.

Note: This integration is available to Back in Stock accounts on a paid plan or free trial period.

Setting up the Kalviyo integration

To enable Klaviyo integration you will first need to create an API key:

  1. Log in to your Klaviyo account
  2. Click Account (at the top right of the page), then on the Settings drop-down, select 'API Keys'
  3. Click Create API Key
  4. Give you API Key a name, such as Back in Stock, so you can identify it easily (this step is optional, but recommended).
  5. Copy the API key (it’s a long sequence of letters and numbers) to your clipboard.

Now, head to Back in Stock to add your API key.

  1. From your Back in Stock dashboard visit [Customize, App integrations][1].
  2. From the list of integrations choose Klaviyo and click Add.
  3. Paste our API key in the field labelled API key.
  4. Click Connect with Klaviyo.
  5. Check the Enabled option, and confirm the correct destination mailing list is selected. This is the list new subscribers will be added to. Note that only your Lists will appear here, not your Segments.
  6. Click Save Klaviyo Settings

Your integration is now activated.

Settings for Klaviyo integration

You can configure your Klaviyo integration settings from the Back in Stock dashboard. To edit your settings:

  1. From your Back in Stock dashboard visit [Customize, App integrations][2].
  2. Click Modify next to the Klaviyo integration.

Available settings

  • Enable
    When toggled to off subscribers will no longer be sent to your mailing list.
  • Default to accept
    Leave this on to have the mailing list ‘opt-in’ field in your sign up form selected by default.
  • Form label
    Edit this text to set the label for the mailing list ‘opt-in’ checkbox in your sign up form.
  • Destination list
    Choose which list Back in Stock will add subscribers to.
  • Remove Klaviyo integration
    To disconnect your Back in Stock account from Klaviyo and delete your settings click Remove Klaviyo integration. Your subscribers in Klaviyo will not be affected.

Reporting on Back in Stock subscribers in Klaviyo

Customers added to your Klaviyo list by Back in Stock will automatically have the $source property set to Back in Stock.


I’m using a theme integration for Retina, Mobilia, Responsive, Turbo, or Parallax. I’ve enabled Klaviyo integration but the checkbox doesn’t appear.

After you have enabled your Klaviyo integration simply install the theme integration again. The theme snippet will be updated to include the opt-in checkbox.

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