Popup Form, Custom Styles

Colors and Styles

You can edit the color and style of your popup form to match the presentation of your store.

Click  Campaigns, Signup Form to use the editor, and click the Colors and styles tab.

The changes you make to the colors appear in the preview panel next to the color options. Hit Save form settings to apply your changes.

Custom styles (CSS)

For more advanced layout you can add CSS to the Custom styles field to be rendered with the form.

For example, to change the submit button to have perfectly square corners:

.btn { border-radius: 0; }

Any CSS included in Custom styles is  applied only to the Back in Stock form and won't conflict with your theme.

Form preview

As you edit the form your changes will be displayed in the preview panel next to your settings. 

The success message, along with one error message, is shown as well. These won’t appear initially in the live form but are included here so you can preview how your chosen colors will appear.

Further customization

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