Archiving Products

Archiving and deleting customer notifications

You can archive or delete customer notifications by checking the box for that row and clicking Delete selected notifications or Archive selected notifications.

Archiving notifications will prevent the customer notification from being sent. An archived notification displays 'Archived' in the report. 

Archived notifications will not be sent when a product is restocked. They are also not included when display the 'unsent' count for a product variant, such as in the Product report or Most wanted report. Archiving is a good choice if you want keep data in the system but want to prevent a specific notification from being sent. For example, you may have communicated with the customer directly and already sold a similar item, so you know the customer no longer wants to receive the notification.

Deleting notifications will remove the customer notification from the system altogether. You can delete a notification if you know you longer want the customer notification request in the system. Deleting it will remove it from the system. 

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