Reports: View and search data

Back in Stock provides three main ways to explore your data.

  • The Products report(1) provides an overview of which products have the most customers waiting to purchase.
  • The Signups report(2) allows you to view individual customer notifications.
  • The Notifications report(3) will show individual notifications that have sent and the current state.

Products  report

The Product variants report is a great way to review which products are most in demand by your customers. 

Sort products by SKU(1), name(2) or one of the notification counts(3):

If you have a lot of product variants you can use the search field to quickly find a specific product variant. You can search by either product title or SKU.

Grouping by product

The product variants report will display a row and totals for each variant. If you'd prefer to see the totals grouped at the product level choose "Group by product" from the buttons at the top of the report.

Signups report

The Back in Stock app provides a tool to view a record of your customer notifications. We may search by customer, by email address, or by product SKU.  You can also filter notifications by status ( Sent or Unsent) and date. You can sort the report by date, product, or alphabetically by customer email.

To view your Customer notifications report, choose Notifications from the left hand side menu in the Back in Stock dashboard.

Customer unsubscribed notifications

When a customer has unsubscribed from a notification it will display Customer unsubscribed. Since the customer has requested to be unsubscribed for this notification it will not be sent. You can't re-subscribe a notification when a customer has unsubscribed, but the customer can choose to create a new notification request from your store product page.

Export to CSV

Both the Products report and Signups report may be exported to CSV format, which can then be opened in a spreadsheet such as Microsoft Excel or Google Docs. Click the button labelled  Export to CSV(1) and your report will be prepared. It may take a minute or two if you have a large number of customer notifications.

Updates by email

You can also receive a Daily or Weekly activity report delivered automatically to your email inbox. This gives you a quick overview of activity for your account in the previous day (or week for weekly reports).

Activity reports are only sent when there is activity to report. If you store didn’t record any new notifications, and didn’t send any notifications, you won’t receive a report for that day.

The activity updates can be found under the Settings(1) in the main dashboard on the left hand side menu. Then by pressing the Activity Updates(2) tab.

From here you can access the Summary reports(3) and Immediate alerts(4)

On the Summary reports tab; This view allows us to Enable and Configure our Summary Reports(1).

You can chose how frequently the report is sent under Send a report(2) - Daily or weekly.

Set who the report is Delivered to(3)

And what time period the report will summary(4) - All time, or the choice between 1, 7, 30 or 90 days.

We can also Enable and Configure our Immediate Alerts. Click on the tab labelled Immediate Alerts (1):

Here you can set the email address the alerts are sent to(2)

And how many maximum(3) can be sent per day

Immediate Alerts only become enabled after at least one email address has been entered and the settings have been Saved.  This will send out an immediate email every time that a customer signs up for a Notification for when their item is back in stock.  The default setting is for a maximum of 20 such Notifications per day, which can be increased up to a maximum of 100 Notifications per day.

Can I track Back in Stock conversions in Google Analytics?

Back in Stock's default email template includes UTM tracking parameters in the URLs linking to your products. Google Analytics will display " back-in-stock" as the Source for conversions if you have e-commerce revenue tracking configured in your shop. Several Google Analytics reports can display this tracking information, including the Advertising Report shown here. Select All channels(1) and then choose to display by Source(2) -- you will see back-in-stock(3) generating purchase conversions.

If you'd like more information on setting up ecommerce tracking in Google Analytics we recommend this guide from Shopify:  Google Analytics: Turning on Ecommerce tracking
Not seeing any conversions? Send an email to  [email protected] and we will check your email template to  ensure the UTM parameters are being included.

Can the activity report be sent to more than one email address?

Yes, you can have the activity report sent to multiple addresses.

  1. Open the Settings -> Activity reports page
  2. In the email field, add the email addresses separated by a space.

    For example "[email protected] [email protected]"

  3. Hi Save settings

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