Tracking conversions from customer notifications

The conversion value helps you to measure how well your customer notifications are performing for your business. A conversion occurs when a customer places an order after receiving a Back in Stock notification. The total value of the order is recorded as a conversion and appears in your Back in Stock dashboard.

Direct and Assisted conversions

If a customer purchases a product variant that he has been notified with Back in Stock without clicking in the action button (or any link that redirects to the product or cart page), the conversion value is stored and displayed as an Assisted conversion in the Dashboard.

That may happen, for example, if the user receives the notification, acknowledges that the product variant is available, and order it by going directly to the online store, without clicking in the email.

If the user clicks the action button in the email template, the conversion is registered as a Direct conversion. You can see both Assisted and Direct conversions in the Dashboard chart.

How the click is tracked

When the customer clicks in the action button in the email template, the browser will request our servers, registering the action and then it will be redirected to the product page or to the cart for the user to make place the order.

How we track Assisted conversions

We're informed which products the customers purchase directly from Shopify, using the "Orders" webhook. If they recently received a notification for that product variant, we register an Assisted conversion.


The chart doesn't show any conversion

If you don't see any conversion in the chart after at least a few dozens notifications, make sure conversions are enabled in Settings > Shop details.

Note that conversions won't be recorded if the action button (BUY NOW button) in the email template was customized.

If you have any questions about conversions issues, please contact us.

Can I access the order number or date of the order for a conversions?

When Back in Stock identifies a customer notification converted into an order we store the order amount, date, and order number. The order amount is included in your Customers report. The order data and order number are included when you export your customers report to a CSV file. (See:  How to export customer notifications)

Are third-party cookies used for conversion tracking?

No, conversions don't rely on any cookie for functioning.

Can I change how conversions are measured?

Please send an email to  [email protected] with your suggestions so it can be considered for a future update.

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