Tracking conversions from customer notifications

Back in Stock now supports tracking the value of orders placed by customers receiving Back in Stock notifications. Version 5 of the storefront widget is required.

This valuable data helps you measure how well your customer notifications are performing for your business. A conversion occurs when a customer clicks a link from a Back in Stock email notification and subsequently places an order. The total value of the order is recorded as a conversion and appears in your Back in Stock dashboard.

This feature is included on all Back in Stock accounts for the Shopify platform.


The product URL in the notification email should retain all parameters for conversion tracking to function (bis_id and UTM parameters). The parameters are emphasized in the example below: bis_id=Do&utm_campaign=stock-notification&utm_content=EXAMPLE%20PRODUCT&utm_medium=email&utm_source=back-in-stock&variant=987654321

Be sure that the online store is not redirecting to a URL with the parameters removed. 

More information on conversion tracking

How are conversions tracked?
Back in Stock includes an URL parameter in the customer notification template. Customers who click a link to the store from a Back in Stock email will be identified as arriving from a Back in Stock notification. Any order placed in the next 30 days will be recorded as a conversion.
Can I access the order number or date of the order for a conversions?
When Back in Stock identifies a customer notification converted into an order we store the order amount, date, and order number. The order amount is included in your Customers report. The order data and order number are included when you export your customers report to a CSV file. (See:  How to export customer notifications)
Are third-party cookies used for conversion tracking?
No, only a first-party cookie is used. When the customer lands on a store page from a Back in Stock email link a first-party cookie is created with an expiry of 30 days. This is used in the checkout process to tag the order.
Will past orders be included?
No, we are only able to identify conversions from orders placed after conversion tracking has been enabled.
Can I change how conversions are measured?
No, not currently but please send an email to  [email protected] with your suggestions so it can be considered for a future update.
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