Collection button snippets by theme

To help you add the Back in Stock button to your collections, we compiled a list of snippets that you can just copy & paste to your theme. This list will grow as we test and document more themes.


Add the code snippet below at the end of the "snippets/product-card.liquid" file (line 136).

<!-- Back in Stock -->

{% unless product_card_product.available %}

<a href="#" class="BIS_trigger bis-collection-button button" style="margin-top:10px; width:100%" data-product-data="{{ product_card_product | json | escape }}">

Email when available


{% endunless %}

<!-- End of the Back in Stock block -->


<!-- Inserted by Back in Stock -->

{% unless card_product.available %}

<a href="#" class="BIS_trigger bis-collection-button button" style="text-decoration: none" data-product-data="{{ card_product | json | escape }}">

Email when available


{% endunless %}

<!-- End of the block inserted by Back in Stock -->

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