SMS Notification Template

The SMS notification template can be accessed and configured from the Back in Stock dashboard. Go to Campaigns - Select the relevant 'Send' step, then press 'Edit template' next to SMS in the bottom right;

The SMS message has a maximum of 160 characters, the SMS message will need to be tailored to fit inside this limit.

The template requires that the, product.title, variant.url are present in the template.

The is your stores name.

The product/variant.title is the title of the product. You will generally want these next to each other, as if the product has variants the variant title may be used.

The variant.url is a link directly to the product.

There are also some optional variables, like the variant.price; this will print the product/variants price in the SMS.

All available variables can be seen here: All variables

Take a look at the length of your store name in the Template preview:

In the options you can input the number of characters - including spaces in the name:

This will give you a more accurate count of how many characters you have available; if your store name is long, you may want to shorten the number of characters – Using OrbosUniverse for example, this could be shortened to 5 and just show Orbos.

product.title & variant.title

The product title and variant title can also be configured:  for a product, if the title is bigger than the 'truncated' size, it will … at the end of the name to denote there is more text:

On average our example store uses shorter product names, so we have set this to 17 characters, the variant.title_unless_default will be the name used if the product has variants.

Once you have set these, you can see how many characters you have available and adjust the template body.



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