Pause customer notification delivery for a specific product

Sometimes you may need to prevent sending customer notifications for a specific product in your catalog.
For example, you might be running multiple marketing channels and want to announce a product restock on social media first before notifyihg customers through Back in Stock.
You can pause delivery on a specific product by adding the tag  bis-paused to the product through the Shopify catalog admin.

(You can learn how to Add tags to products in the Shopify manual.)
All variants that belong to that product will be paused and won't send customer notifications when restocked.
A product variant that is paused with the bis-paused tag will display a paused badge in the products report.
To resume delivery for these products just remove the tag from the product in the Shopify catalog admin.

Other options for controlling delivery.

  • To only notify customers when you restock over a certain level (for example, 5 or more units are available) you can use the Minimum inventory account setting.
  • To control how many customers are notified at once you can set a delivery policy
  • To stop all customer notifications from being sent you can switch off Deliver to customers in your Account settings.

These settings are described in the article  Controlling email delivery with Delivery Policy and Account settings

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