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The endpoint is We expect a GET request with the following params:

  • shop:
  • notification[email]: [email protected]
  • notification[product_no]: 1234567 (Product ID issued by Shopify)
  • notification[phone_number]: +5551999991234 (you must also send notification[channel]=sms if you send phone_number)
  • notification[quantity_required]: 1 (how many unit of stock the customer if after. Must be at least 1)
  • notification[accepts_marketing]: true (if customer wishes to be subscribed to the shop's mailing lists)
  • notification[customer_utc_offset]: 10800 (browser's UTC offset in seconds)
  • variant[variant_no]: 9876543 (Variant ID issued by Shopify)

NOTE: You should provide either notification[phone_number] or notification[email] (but not both).

Example request:[email][email protected]&notification[product_no]=1234567&notification[quantity_required]=1&notification[accepts_marketing]=true&notification[customer_utc_offset]=10800&variant[variant_no]=9876543

More info on those fields can be found: Please note that this is an internal endpoint only used by our JavaScript lib. We make a best effort to not introduce any breaking changes but we can't guarantee it will never happen.

Special characters

Note that some characters need to be escaped in the URL. For example, the plus sign + is considered whitespace in URLs, and needs to be replaced with %2B.

You can find a detailed explanation about URL encoding at

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