First notification

Now Back in Stock is installed on your store it's time to try it. Find a product that it out of stock, or has a variant that is out of stock if you have multi-variant products.

Open the product page in your browser and you should see Notify Me button on the left edge of the product page. Click the button and the Back in Stock registration form appears. Enter your email address and hit Notify me.

If you don't see the Notify Me button we might need to set some specific configuration for your store theme. Just drop an email to [email protected] with the URL of the product page.

Head back to the dashboard and you will see your first customer stock notification you just created in the Lastest Open Notification. Once this proudct is restocked and has an inventory greater than zero this notification will automatically be sent.

You will also see your Most wanted list includes the product you just tested on. This list tracks the top products that your customers are looking to purchase. Use this list, along with the full products report to assist you in your stock purchasing plans.

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