Back in Stock Endpoint

The endpoint is We expect a GET request with the following params:

- shop:
- notification[email]: [email protected]
- notification[product_no]: 1234567 (Product ID issued by Shopify)
- notification[quantity_required]: 1 (how many unit of stock the customer if after. Must be at least 1)
- notification[accepts_marketing]: true (if customer wishes to be subscribed to the shop's mailing lists)
- notification[customer_utc_offset]: 10800 (browser's UTC offset in seconds)
- variant[variant_no]: 9876543 (Variant ID issued by Shopify)

Example request:[email][email protected]&notification[product_no]=1234567&notification[quantity_required]=1&notification[accepts_marketing]=true&notification[customer_utc_offset]=10800&variant[variant_no]=9876543

More info on those fields can be found: Please note that this is an internal endpoint only used by our JavaScript lib. We make a best effort to not introduce any breaking changes but we can't guarantee it will never happen.

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