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Welcome to the Help Index - Here you will find relevant links to each feature and area of the dashboard for Back in Stock below, if you have any questions feel free to get in touch - [email protected]

Main Dashboard:

We have a help article on navigating and the functions of the main dashboard here: 

Main Dashboard

You can also manually add customer notifications from the dashboard:

Adding a Customer from the Dashboard

Products & Customer Notifications:

The Products page will give you an overview of all products/variants that have recorded at least one notification.

This includes the Product name, description, how many unsent, sent, archived and the total notifications, when a notification was last added and when a notification last sent out for the product.

The Customer Notifications page gives information on the individual notifications.

The customer email address, product SKU, product description, when the notification was added, if and when it was sent and revenue generated (If it has caused a conversion).

We have more information on these pages here:

Reports: View and Search Data


The customize panel has options to customize different areas of Back in Stock.

Email Template: This page will allow you to make changes to the email notification that is sent to the customer, there is a pre-built UI to make changes, but you can also access the raw HTML of the email.

We have more information on the 'Template Settings' here: Email Template Settings

If you want to customize the raw templates, we have a list of the templates variables here:  Email template variables and filters

Product Page Button: From here you can make changes to the button that is shown on the product page (This only affects the Floating Button - If a Theme Integration is active these options do not work).

There are options to configure the button caption, text size, its position on the page and several settings for the 'look'.

You can also upload a custom image to show as the button: Custom Widget Button

Signup Form: The Sign-up form is what the customer will see when they click on the button, we have built-in preset options to customize the sign-up form, including adding custom styles through CSS, you can get more information here: Color and Styles

Theme Integration: A Theme integration adds the back in stock button directly onto the product page, usually beneath the sold out, we have these available for quite a lot of themes - If you can't find your theme, just get in touch with us on [email protected], we would be happy to take a look and create a new one. 

You can see an example of this on our demo page here:

App Integrations: Our App Integrations add the option for the customer to opt-in to your stores email/marketing list while they create a notification. We have several App integrations available, you can see a list of them on the page.

For example with Klaviyo:  Klaviyo Email Marketing Integration


The accounts panel has options for controlling your Delivery Policy, Activity Updates email, Billing (your paid plan), Webhook, Locations Support and Account details.

Delivery Policy: The Delivery Policy menu allows you to define how many notifications are sent depending on the available inventory. For example with a 1:1 ratio, if you restock 10 units of inventory for a product, it would send out 10 notifications and then wait the preset time. We have more information on the Delivery Policy here: Email Delivery Policy and Account Settings

Activity Updates: This page allows you to configure the report sent by Back in Stock, this is a (by default) daily report of new notifications that been registered. There is also a tab for 'Immediate Alerts' these can be used to get an alert when a customer makes a notification. Good if you are making to order products.

Billing: This area lets you chose a new paid plan, upgrade or downgrade your paid plan. There is also a tab for High Usage plans if the default ones do not fulfill the sent notification need for your store.

Webhooks: Webhooks let you receive a notification over HTTP when a notification is sent, we have more information on this here: Webhooks

Locations: Locations support lets you pick and chose which inventory locations back in stock can read from, if you have a physical store and an online warehouse for example, you can make back in stock exclusively read for one or both.

Your Details: This page shows your account details. There is also an option to disable notification delivery: Is there a way to temporarily stop customer notifications being delivered?

This page also has the option to edit the 'Minimum quantity to send' - Back in Stock will only send out notifications for products over this threshold.

You can also enable sending for preorder notifications here: Using Back in Stock with products available to preorder

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