Email template settings

The email template is used to generate the email notification delivered to customers. You can edit the email template from the customer email template page.

The template is stored in Liquid format just like regular Shopify templates.

Within the template you have access to a range of variables and filters similar to the product template in your store theme. See  Email template variables and filters for a list of variables and filters that are available.

Customize the email template settings

The email template editor provides predefined ares to customize. You can set headings, text colors and the email body.

You can also create your own custom template. Choose Edit template to edit the template HTML. Note that editing the HTML manually may disable the chosen colors and text in Template settings panel.

Don't see the Template settings panel?
Earlier versions of the email template don't include support for the settings panel or for uploading a logo.
To upgrade your template to the latest version click Reset settings to reset your account to the latest default template.

Add your store logo

You can upload a logo to be included in the email template. To upload a logo tap  Logo, Choose file... in the template settings panel and choose a PNG or JPG image to upload as your logo. 

Logos wider than 600px or higher than 360px will be resized to fit in the template, and any logo wider than 300px or higher than 180px will use Hi-DPI (retina) resolution.

Product images

To include a product image you must use the  product_image_url filter and specify the size of the image you wish to use. For example, the default email template uses the grande size:

{{ product.featured_image.url | product_img_url: 'grande' }}

Subject line

The subject line for the email is also created with Liquid allowing customization to include the product and store name.

The default subject line makes use of the  strip_html filter to ensure any HTML tags in the product title aren’t shown in the email subject line.

  {{product.title | strip_html}} is now available to order from {{}}

Testing the email template

You can test how your template is rendered in different email clients by sending a test notification.

From the email template page you can send a preview of the template. You can choose where to send the preview to by entering an email address in the Send email to field, allowing you to test rendering in different webmail accounts or make use of an email testing service.

Email notifications sent with the preview service are not counted against your monthly delivery quota.

Custom fonts in the email template

We don't currently include custom fonts in email templates. The majority of email clients currently don't support custom fonts very well or at all so we recommend staying with the default font.

If you do want to include a custom font you will need to edit the email template HTML to make the required changes. A good source of up to date information on which email clients support web fonts can be found at

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