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Will customer notifications be sent for products set to 'Don't track inventory'?

Customer notifications are sent when a product (or the product variant) has at least one unit in stock, and is published on your store.

Note: If your products are set to Shopify tracks this product's inventory you do not need to follow the process below.

Some stores use the Shopify setting Don't track inventory for products that are in stock. You can still have customer notifications sent for these products by ensuring the inventory quantity is set to '1' before setting Don't track inventory.

  1. From your Shopify store admin, open the Product list and choose the product you wish to set as in stock.

    If the product is already set as Don't track inventory change the inventory policy to Shopify tracks this product's inventory.
  2. Set the product inventory to 1, and hit Save.
  3. Once saved, switch the product inventory policy back to Don't track inventory and hit Save.

    Even though the inventory quantity field is now hidden the quantity of 1 is preserved, and Back in Stock will treat the product as in stock, and start notifying customers.
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