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How do I change the product image size in the email template?

  1. From your Back in Stock account choose Campaigns from the top menu
  2. Select one of the 'Send notification' steps - and press 'Edit template'.
  3. Find the product image filter in the email template

    Tip: You can use the 'Find' command in your browser ( Command + F on a Mac, Control + F on Windows) and search for product_img_url

4. You will see the size specified in quotes right after the product_img_url filter. Change this to a different size (the quotes are required). For example, you can change product_img_url: ‘1024x1024x to product_img_url: ‘medium’

We support the following sizes: master, 2048x2048, 1024x1024, grande, large, medium, compact, small, thumb, icon, and pico.

5. You can see the change in size in the preview panel. To save your changes hit Publish template.

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