Shoelace retargeting integration

Connect your Back in Stock account to Shoelace and automatically create retargeting campaigns

Shoelace automates the process of creating and running a retargeting campaign. We provide an integration with Shoelace to automatically create retargeting campaigns based on Back in Stock email notifications being sent out. The retargeting campaigns created will feature the product that was restocked and target customers based on the notifications that were sent out.

Retargeting campaigns are only created when a product variant is restocked with 30 or more unsent notifications.

Note: This integration is available to Back in Stock accounts on the Small Business plan or higher. You must also have a Shoelace account on their Standard plan or higher.

Setting up the Shoelace integration

  1. From your Back in Stock dashboard visit Customize, Shoelace.
  2. Click Setup now. Back in Stock will confirm your Shoelace account supports the integration and enable it.

Note: You can also activate the integration from your Shoelace account under Settings.

Your integration is now activated. When you next restock a product variant, and have more than 1 unsent customers notification, a retargeting campaign will be created in Shoelace.

Settings for Shoelace integration

You can configure your Shoelace integration settings from the Back in Stock dashboard. To edit your settings

From your Back in Stock dashboard visit Customize, Shoelace.

Available settings

  • Enable
    You can toggle the enabled setting to off to disable Shoelace. When set to off retargeting campaigns will no longer be created for you.
  • Minimum campaign size Campaigns will only be created in Shoelace based if the number of unsent notifications for a restocked variant is at least equal to the minimum campaign size. The default is 1. Set a higher minimum to create campaigns less frequently.
  • Remove Shoelace integration
    To disconnect your Back in Stock account from Shoelace and delete your settings click Remove Shoelace integration. Your existing campaigns in Shoelace will not be affected.


Email notifications are being sent but campaigns not being created in Shoelace.

  • Check the minimum campaign size setting. Campaigns are only created if a variant is restocked and has enough unsent notifications waiting to be delivered. The number of unsent notifications must be at least the minimum campaign size.
  • Check the Shoelace integration is set to Enabled

If you still experience problems please contact support.

Common questions

How do I track the performance of Shoelace campaigns?

Conversions from your Shoelace retargeting campaigns won’t appear in your Back in Stock dashboard. You can view the performance of your retargeting campaigns in your Shoelace account.

Do delivery policy settings affect Shoelace campaigns?

You can enable delivery policy settings alongside the Shoelace campaign but they only affect delivery of email notifications. Shoelace retargeting campaigns are created based on the total number of unsent notifications for a variant.

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