Can I hide the Back in Stock button for certain products?

Yes! The easiest way to hide the button for a product is to add a tag bis-hidden to the product using the Shopify admin.

If you're not sure how to add a tag to a product take a look at  Add tags to products in the Shopify manual.

Using a custom tag

For some stores the bis-hidden tag may not be suitable. For example, you may already have tagged products that won't be restocked with 'clearance' and would prefer to use that tag. 

You can specify which tag will hide the Back in Stock button from your Back in Stock dashboard:

  1. From your dashboard choose Customize, Product page button
  2. Choose the Behavior tab
  3. Change the field Hide when tagged to the tag name you wish to use. You can only set one tag and tag names cannot contain comma (,) characters.
  4. Hit Save button settings 

Custom integrations

This tag will work with buttons added via the Back in Stock storefront widget. It won't hide custom buttons or forms added to the product template. For an example on how to hide a custom button or form in your template see  our developer section.

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