Using Back in Stock with products available to preorder

Pre-order items are product variants that are sold out but still available to purchase. Shopify allows you to configure this in the Products area of your Shopify store.

By default Back in Stock won’t:

  • appear for a pre-order product
  • send customer notifications for a pre-order product that has zero inventory

You can configure both of these settings as described below.

Displaying Back in Stock for products available to pre-order

If you would like Back in Stock to appear when a customer selects a variant available to pre-order:

  1. From your Back in Stock dashboard choose Customize, Product page button
  2. From the Behavior tab make sure Show for pre-order items is checked.
  3. Hit Save button settings

Note: this configures the Back in Stock storefront widget button. If you have built a custom integration in your product template you may wish to check it designed to appear for a pre-order variant.

Delivering customer notifications for pre-order products

If a pre-order product variant has zero inventory Back in Stock won’t treat the item as in stock and won’t notify customers it is available to order.

To configure your account to send customer notifications for pre-order product variants:

  1. From you Back in Stock dashboard choose Account, Your details
  2. Check the Send notifications for pre-order products option
  3. Hit Save account details

It may take a few minutes until the customer notifications are then sent.

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